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Re: Joined the ranks
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Like I was trying to say pitbulls are alot tougher to get "trained" than alot of breeds.Knowing what bloodline your dog is/was woul be tons of help.Thats another reason I asked about papers.Tak for example Redboy dogs are on the extreme side of hard headed and they take alot more "learnin" at a slower pace than say Jeep bred dogs.Thats why homework should be done before the pup is bought.Not to mention you can't expct a pup to do just what you want right away.Some dogs it takes longer than others and that should be expected.You shouldn't have gave up so quick,after all dog is mans best friend.All you need do is return the favor with a little paitence.

Now I'm not sure if your stores or anyone in your area rents carpet machines but they sure don't cost $200.After Techno and the lab got house broke I rented one for $50 from home depot.I didn't buy the normal soap they sell I bought stuff designed for urine.I think total I spent around $65.We lived in an apt. and when we moved if the place smelled like pee I would have for sure got charged...and I didn't.Next time you might try that.I know with todays economy saving a buck or two is much needed  O0 O0

Here is a link to some pretty good cleaners..
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Re: Joined the ranks
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Saving a buck or two is always a good thing for me. It the female that called in the pro's. I actually used to clean carpets professionally, but she wasn't having any of it. She wanted somebody else to do it. :roll:

Women... Can't live with em... *silence* No... that about covers it. :evil:
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