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New Stuff....
« on: October 26, 2004, 07:03:54 PM »
I found this on Fox News today.  What will they think of next???  :roll:  :roll:  :r

  Chewing Gum Helps Hunters                                                                      
  DEERBROOK, Wis. (AP) — What goes in your mouth, tastes like pine trees and helps mask          
  human-smelling breath?                                                                          
  The answer: Gum-o-Flage (search).                                                              
  It's a new product that creator Neil Bretl is marketing to deer hunters to help fool the        
  animals' hypersensitive noses to human scent.                                                  
  Hunters already can use special soap, shampoo and clothing detergent to eliminate human smell.  
  Some even pay $300 for scent-control coveralls or rub themselves with horse manure.            
  Now, for $4.99, hunters can get 12 olive green, Chiclet-style tablets in a blister pack.        
  "It's sugar-free, by the way," said Bretl, 35, whose license plate reads "GUM GUY."            
  The idea came seven years ago when Bretl, a gun hunter since boyhood, began going after deer    
  with a bow and arrow.                                                                          
  That meant hunting at closer range, and Bretl took precautions to eliminate his human odor,    
  including wearing carbon-lined clothing that was kept sealed in plastic bins with pine boughs.  
  Deer still picked up his scent. He turned to his brother and then-dental student Nicholas, who  
  suggested the problem might be his breath.                                                      
  Bretl contacted an organic chemist friend and began cooking gum recipes in a microwave.        
  "My first few batches were hideous," he said. "It was tough chewing."                          
  But he kept experimenting and ultimately settled on a formula that incorporates anti-microbial  
  agents, chlorophyll and three kinds of pine oil.                                                
  Bretl has no clinical evidence the gum works and hasn't done any official studies. But he says  
  he and his associates used it after smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and eating onions and    
  found it erased the odors.                                                                      

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